Category: Robot construction

Troubles with robot

Unfortunately, our robot chip is short circuited in a certain area. Today we are attempting to find that area in order to fix it. After we switch a few wires, we should get it working and getting the sensors running in order to complete our next task.


H-bridge/Arduino link


Arduino is the programming software that we will be using to move our robots. It uses a language similar to C++. By transferring the code to the robot, we will move according to the directions written.


In the binary number system, the numbers follow a series of ones and zeros. The different places have different numbers applied to them, starting at 1 and multiplying by two (1,2,4,8,16…). So if you were to write the number 143, it would be 10001111.

Finished Building

The finished structure of our robot. Now we can work on electronics and programming!