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Troubles with robot

Unfortunately, our robot chip is short circuited in a certain area. Today we are attempting to find that area in order to fix it. After we switch a few wires, we should get it working and getting the sensors running in order to complete our next task.


Jobs today…
Eric- Working on project 4
Joepy- Changing algorithm into code
Nigel- Fixing the robot


Today’s jobs…
Eric-preparing an algorithm
Joepy-coding the robot


Today, we are inputting our code into the robot after finishing wiring. By the end. Of the day, our robot should be fully prepared for new and more complex codes and movements to be put in. We can’t get ahead do ourselves, though; for now, we are sticking to a line and taking baby steps towards our ultimate goal of the butterfly shape.

Today is the deadline to draw a line for showcasing tomorrow. We have finished robot construction and we now need to input the code and make sure everything is running smoothly.