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Tweaks to the Design

After showing our design to Dr. Shankar, he decided to add a rectangle to the middle of the design, making a butterfly-like drawing. This is the new version of how it looks…



H-bridge/Arduino link

Tasks today:
Nigel- Putting switch, batteries, & circuit wires in the robot.
Joepy-Working on a line code
Eric-shape measurements
By Friday, our robots will be moving and gathering codes. We will showcase a simple code for the robot to draw a line. The rough draft for the code is shown here.



Nigel-finished soldering, so he is now hooking the chip to the robot batteries.
Joepy-working on the new Arduino design code.
Eric-Measurements for the new design and the robot marker hole.

New design

This new design, instead of the original “barn” design, will allow us to break the drawing up into two steps to be able to repeat one step.